Career Advice is delivered through the Career Review Process:

If you are unhappy in your job and feel you are lacking direction in your career, or if you feel you need a complete change of career then you can get the career advice you need through the career review process. It can be hard for you to recognise your full skills set, strengths and weaknesses, and potential for future employment in an ever changing economic landscape. The Skillslink Career Review is a friendly yet professional one to one consultation process designed to facilitate the assessment of talents and needs; ultimately it involves working together to link your skills to more career options.

Details of the Career Review Process:

The duration of the career consultation can be up to 2 hours and includes:

  • Complete skills analysis and employment history review
  • Full assessment of Job seeking methods
  • Review of core competencies and personality type (overall strengths and areas for development)
  • Discussion of skills and experience and alignment with career aims and goals
  • Linking of skills and career goals to job or up-skilling options
  • Assessment of current CV / Cover Letters (how you are representing yourself)
  • Review of job applications and Interview history, social media and LinkedIn profiles (on-line branding)
  • Summary of the findings of the full review process, delivery of career advice

Realise your potential and discover your talents by linking your skills to more career options.

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