CV and Cover Letter Preparation and Writing Services:

Is your CV and Cover Letter letting you down?

In this highly competitive market employers are receiving large volumes of CV’s in response to job advertisements so it is crucial that your CV is up to current professional standards and that it accurately represents you. Your CV needs to be laid out correctly and be tailored to highlight your skills, experience, and key achievements to ensure that it has the desired impact. Consistently people struggle to decide on the best information and wording to include. The modern CV is not just a statement of your employment history; it needs to ‘sell’ your unique qualities to a new employer so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Employers spend less than 30 seconds in some cases reviewing your CV so it is imperative that it hits the mark or else it will end up in the bin!


I have successfully placed hundreds of people into a wide variety of jobs over the years so I know what recruiters and employers want in a CV. I can help you to get ahead of the competition by ensuring you have a winning CV that is honed to provide maximum impact and an accompanying cover letter that has been prepared skillfully to highlight key skills, experience and achievements; making sure it is structured professionally to represent you and your abilities.

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