Job Application Forms:

Struggling to fill out competency based Job Application Forms? Get expert help with wording ensuring your most relevant skills and experience are included.


A considerable percentage of employers both private and public especially Government, Civil Service, Charitable and Not for Profit organisations are increasingly using competency based application forms over CV’s in the job application process. This means that they can speed up the selection process by choosing the most suitable candidates and in the process discourage unsuitable candidates from applying for jobs where they do not meet the required competencies.

Completing these types of job application forms can be very difficult as there are space restrictions and word counts in some cases, as well as this a lot of the time people struggle to come up with the most relevant information and the best wording. All the more reason to get expert help in this area ensuring that your most relevant skills and experience are included, the wording is professional and represents you in the best light possible.

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