Job Searching Strategy:

You might ask why do I need a job seeking strategy?

Because having a well thought out one is a crucial factor in increasing your chances of employment success, the job searching process in current times is a very comprehensive and complex process. It involves the development of a job searching strategy containing several different approaches that need to be put in place to ensure that job seekers have the best possible chance of succeeding.


Some Facts:

  • 40/50% of all jobs are filled before they have even been advertised in what is now commonly referred to as the ‘hidden jobs market’
  • Networking and using existing contacts is becoming a very important part of the job searching process
  • Having a well thought out job seeking strategy is a crucial factor in increasing your chances of success

Knowing how to look for a job is a skill in itself, these days the search for work is similar to launching a marketing campaign where you are trying to find ways to sell your talents to potential new employers. There are alternative ways and possibly smarter ways to get that job.

I can help you to build a comprehensive job searching strategy that suits your particular employment requirements through the development of an effective job seeking action plan.

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