MedTech Sector to create 4,000 new jobs by 2020 ! This is according to a new report which has recently been released.

Jobs will span the areas of Operations, Engineering, R&D, Supply chain, Quality, Procurement, Data Analytics and Science among others.

Commissioned by the Irish Medtech Association and Skillnet, the IBEC representative group for the sector, the detailed survey was carried out by Grant Thornton. Research respondents additionally stated that they have found it more difficult to recruit within the sector in the last 5 years. Skills gaps have been identified which must be addressed if the sector’s reputation as a leading industry is to be maintained.

To redress the skills deficit and prepare the industry for a new jobs boom, a number of recommendations are set out in the report if t These include a focus on career guidance, improved understanding of the sector and the career opportunities within it, investment in up-skilling and re-skilling of people and the need for alternative routes to MedTech careers including new apprenticeships for the MedTech sector to create 4,000 new jobs by 2020.

About the MedTech Sector

Ireland is recognised as a global MedTech hub. We have 18 of the world’s top 25 MedTech companies operating here, with 29,000+ people working in the sector.

Galway in particular has a very high proportion of people working in the MedTech sector both in large Multinational Companies such as Boston Scientific and Medtronic but also in smaller companies. There has been huge growth in small to medium sized start-up MedTech companies opening up in Galway over the past number of years and this trend looks set to continue. NUIG and GMIT now offer specialised Degree programmes in Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Biology, and Biopharmaceutical Science to cater for entry into this sector along with other Degree programmes in Microbiology, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering etc. which are also attractive to specific companies operating in the Medtech Sector.

With growth rate predictions so strong in this sector it would be a very good idea for students with leanings towards science or engineering to focus on the degree subjects that are most likely to offer great opportunities for careers in this sector. The full report can be accessed through the following:,000-jobs-to-be-added-by-2020—irish-medtech-association-04-05-2017/$file/Irish+Medtech+Future+skills+needs+analysis+to+2020+report.pdf


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