Not having a second language is affecting job opportunities here in Ireland experts warn.

Concerns are being raised that job-hunters not having a second language is affecting job opportunities here in Ireland.

Therefore candidates are proving to be unattractive to an increasing range of potential new employers. says it is proving a challenge for recruiters to source candidates with the languages required and it is warning of a potential skill shortage here.

It says companies are looking for workers who speak German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.

General Manager of, Christopher Paye says people need to learn another language to meet employers’ demands:

“We’ve seen a 40% increase in roles requiring Mandarin in just one year so it shows this is where the shortage is at the moment,” Mr Paye revealed

“People should be upskilling to try and learn these second languages, otherwise these companies are going to have to start looking to bring people into Ireland”

Worse still they will probably start looking at bases outside of Ireland to fill these roles.

With Brexit looming on the horizon it’s an opportunity missed to attract even more companies to re-locate to Ireland where they will have a base in Europe.

If the market here does not respond we could see jobs/companies moving to other locations in mainland Europe where job seekers have both skills and more than one language.

It is time to wake up and take action before it’s too late experts warn!

The good news though is that a significant percentage of the Universities and Colleges here offer courses in other languages both full time and part time, including Mandarin.

So for savvy job seekers it would be a very positive move to research the companies here looking for language skills – take on some additional training in this area which would open up more job opportunities as well as potentially higher salaries due to the increased skills sets of candidates.


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