The Many Benefits of Choosing a Contract Position.

So what are the many benefits of choosing a contract position?

To date recruiters reports that September was the busiest month this year for contract roles based in the West and Mid-West of the country.

Market research shows that more and more jobs in the current jobs market are being offered on a contract basis.

There are many good reasons to seek out contract employment as part of your search for work. The complete focus on the search for that ideal “permanent” job often means that you could be missing out on the numerous opportunities presented by contract positions.

Below, I have listed some of the many benefits of choosing a contract position:

Adding to your Skillset

The majority of contract roles have immediate start dates and need to be filled quickly.

Frequently employers are prepared to overlook some minor gaps in experience/qualifications provided a candidate has the majority of the required knowledge, skills & attitude for the role.

This is often not the case in permanent recruitment assignments providing more opportunity to potential employees to add a new skillset, a new industry or even a new working environment to their CV’s.

Utilising your network 

Taking up a contract role while you search for that ideal permanent role, allows the contract employee to build or strengthen their professional network.

I am a firm believer that leveraging off your network is one of the best ways to search for a new role.

Extending your professional network and making new contacts whilst in a contract role may provide a future lead for that opportunity that you so badly want.

Getting your foot in the door

Taking a short/medium/long term contract is often sometimes a great way to get a start into a Multi-National Company (MNC) environment.

Remember possession is nine-tenths of the law it is up to the contract employee to make it as hard as possible for the company to let you walk out that door when the contract is up.

Working hard and making a good impression can often lead to extension or even something more permanent. Also having a well-known MNC or highly reputable indigenous SME on your CV will mean that your future prospects for employment will be substantially increased.

My advice to anyone considering a new role be it contract or permanent, would be to look at the job in terms of what it can add to your career and where it can take you rather than maintaing a complete foucus on it having to be a permanent role.


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