What’s Another Year?

What’s another year? or indeed what does another New Year mean to you?

For some people it means a time of uncertainty along with reflection on the good and the bad happenings of the previous year.

For other people it means a time of excitement of what the year ahead might bring.

It’s also a very popular time of the year for people to consider their careers/work-life balance and to entertain the thought of career change or job change.

For those considering job or career change it is very important to get a good focus on the reasons for wanting to move i.e. is it that you are very unhappy in your current job or company, if so exactly why are you unhappy?

Or is it a case of you feeling unfulfilled in your job/career?

Over my time in the recruitment industry in the past and in my current business I regularly met/ meet clients who have moved jobs or taken on new careers and it has not worked out for them; in fact in some cases they have gone from the frying pan to the fire!

This is mainly because they panicked and did not take the time to really understand the true reasons for being unhappy and they did not properly research the available options.

It’s very hard to resist the sense of panic that can overwhelm you in this situation i.e. “Oh God I have to get out of this job I have been here for X years and I’m getting nowhere” or “I fell into this job/career after graduation/school and I’m not happy but I have no idea what I want to do”

The most important thing to do in these type of situations is to take as much of a logical approach as you can and try not to panic there are always going to be options out there for you it’s just that you need to take the time to properly research all available options.

So what’s another year? what does another New Year mean to you? Career or Job change maybe?

Keeping an open mind on the types of careers/jobs you might be prepared to look at is a good idea – however you also need to take a practical approach i.e. is there a lot of upskilling required to change career into an area of interest?  – can you afford both the time and the cost of this? If so great – if not then you may have to rule out this type of scenario.

The best tip of all for either changing job or career is to look at the requirements for working in this sector – can you bring your existing skills to this area? If so then that would be great and you can focus on ensuring a new employer knows what you have to bring to the organisation – if not then it may not be worth spending too much time focusing on that sector as there will be a lot of competition from people who already have experience in the sector or who have complimentary transferable skills.

You will find as you complete your research that you gain a good knowledge of the requirements for the career areas that interest you and you can then plan for your entry into a particular sector in a controlled and logical way.

Best of luck to anyone planning for a job or career change in 2019,




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